Camp Model & Meet the Staff

The key components of the Tech Trek model are as follows:

    • Local middle school science and math teachers identify girls to attend Tech Trek.
    • Girls apply and are selected to attend the camp.
    • Attendees reside on a college or university campus.
    • During the week of camp, girls attend a daily math or science core class.
    • Girls perform hands-on activities throughout the day.
    • A one-day field trip enhances STEM learning.
    • Girls interact daily with women STEM role models.

Director, Dr. Deborah Wooldridge is a Professor and the Director of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences and has served as the Associate Dean for Research and Field Experiences in the College of Education and Human Development at Bowling Green State University.  She has been involved in Tech Trek all four years.  She received an Outstanding Branch Member Award in 2007 for her work in fund raising.  She also served on the National Development Committee for the AAUW Educational Foundation and is currently the AAUW Ohio Past President and is the Ohio STEM Chair.  She has served as the President Elect, Vice President for Educational Foundation and Vice President for Programming for Ohio.  She has worked on developing mission driven programming, building community partnerships, developing fundraising initiatives and recruiting membership in Bowling Green.

Dr. Jean Gerard is the Student Family Coordinator.  She is an associate professor in human development and family studies at Bowling Green State University.  Her research focuses on the identification of risk and protective factors in adolescents’ social contexts, particularly the family and school setting.  She is one of the leading investigators on the BGSU Adolescent Academic Context Study, a longitudinal investigation of middle an high school perception of their academic environments.  Jean teaches courses in adolescent development, family communication, and marriage and family relationships.  One of the most rewarding aspects of her work at BGSU is mentoring undergraduate students and assisting them with decisions about internships, career options, and graduate school.  Her involvement in Tech Trek reflects an interest in programming that builds on young girls’ academic interests through active exploration of STEM fields and exposure to professionals in STEM fields.

Dr. Susan Peet is she camp photographer and social media coordinator.  She is a Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at Bowling Green State University.  She serves as the program coordinator for the Early Childhood Education program and collaborates with school in pre-k school for field placements.  She developed a study abroad course for early childhood majors and takes them to Italy to experience education practices at the global level.  She is active in AAUW and serfes as the Vice President of Membership.

Ms. Brittany Joseph is the Tech Trek marking coordinator.  Brittany is an instructor in the College of Education and Human Development at Bowling Green State University.  She currently teaches online courses in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Assistive Technology while coordinating the online graduate degree programs in Autism Spectrum Disorders, the online graduate degree programs in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Assistive Technology, and Secondary Transition.  Brittany is currently a PhD student studying Leadership in Higher Education with a specialization in Special Education.  She is married to her husband, Bryan (a Bowling Green townie) and she has two sons, Payton and Parker.  She lives in rural Bowling Green, Ohio and likes to spend her weekends camping, swimming, and attending BGSU athletic events (especially hockey games).

Ms. Mariana Mitova is the volunteer coordinator for Tech Trek.  She has a lecturer in the Apparel Merchandising and Product Development program at BGSU.  In the last 8 years, she has taught numerous classes, published articles, and presented at regional and national conferences.  She is currently finishing up her doctorate degree in Leadership Studies.  Mariana is passionate about new and innovative ways to teach.  She is excited about meeting all Tech Trek 2016 girls and helping them to explore new possibilities.

Ms. Saleha Azmi is an intern for Tech Trek Camp and a member of AAUW Bowling Green Branch.   She is from Bombay, India, and is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Media and Communication from Bowling Green State University, Ohio. She is also the Founder of a school helping the underprivileged children in a village in India.  She is passionate about empowerment towards children and has volunteered with Nonprofits back in her home country, and creates awareness about their cause by promoting them by making short films.  Saleha has prior work experience in Public Relations and social media and loves interacting with new people and learning from them.


My name is Cheyenne Chapman.  I am a 21 year old senior here at BGSU from Fostoria Ohio.  I am also a member of Greek life on campus.  My first year I surrounded myself in positive organizations and peer groups that really formed who I became in college.  My major is Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Health Promotions.  After graduation I plan on getting a master’s degree in Organizational Development.  Prior to switching to HDFS, my major was in Biology, pre-vet.  However, I felt as thought my passion was better suited for an HDFS degree where I could really make a bigger impact on my community.  My dream is to work for a Children’s Hospital, where I can help families pay for any medical bills through running and overseeing organizations such as the organizations we have at BGSU, Dance Marathon and Bikes for Tikes.  My goal is to make a difference and help save lives.  My passion is finding betterment for not only myself but my community.  I was raised to always give to others before myself and my philanthropic life outlook has guided me to my future.  I look forward to helping the young women at the Tech Trek camp really submerse themselves in all of their possibilities and help them find their passions.

Tressa Killilea is a compute science major at Bowling Green State University.  She is excited to be a part of Tech Trek for a second hear, so she can work with young girls interested in a math or science field that is usually male dominated.  Tressa looks forward to being a role model for the girls that she will meet at camp because she knows how intimidating it can be as one of the only girls in a classroom full of boys.  Being confident in themselves and their passions is very important.  Tressa can’t wait to show these girls that it is okay to love math and science, and they can do great things in their field if they believe in themselves and their talents.

My name is Pempho Chinkondenji.  I come from Malawi, South-East Africa.  I am 22 years old.  I am currently studying a Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural and International Education at Bowling Green State University.  One of the things I love the most about my program is that I designed my own cognate, and it is ‘Global Development & Advocacy.’  My research interests are in education, international development & women’s issues.  I attained my undergraduate degree in 2013, and I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in Radio and Television Broadcasting.  I have a passion for empowering girls to live a better life and attain a good education.  In July 2014, I co-founded a local non-profit organization called Loving Arms Malawi.  The non-profit reaches out to girls that have been abused as well at those that struggle with their education.  We aim to share our stories, counsel the girls, and help them with their educational needs.  It is my dream that Loving Arms will grow not just in Malawi, but extend to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hello, my name is Madisyn Curry.  I will be attending Bowling Green State University in the fall, majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences Education, with a minor in Environmental Science.  In my free time, I ride horses, run,a nd love to spend time with my friends.  I am passionately working to resolve the issue of hunger, in my home state of Ohio.  I am extremely excited for Tech Trek Camp, so I can aid youth in developing as young leaders, strengthening their skills and knowledge.

Saabirah Muhammad is a student at Bowling Green State University and hopes to study International Studies next fall.  She is a returning camp counselor for Tech Trek.  Saabirah is involved in many organizations around campus, such as the Black Student and a mentoring program called Smart.  In high school her favorite subjects were Chemistry and Anatomy.  Outside of school Saabirah enjoys hanging out with friends and traveling.


My name is Deeya Rodrigues.  I am 14 years old and love science and math.  When I grow up I want to be a neuro surgeon.  I like to play tennis, draw, play piano, and hang out with friends in my free time.  Last year when I participated in Tech Trek I enjoyed meeting new friends, doing hands on activities, and learning many new things.  I want to be a junior counselor because I want other girls to have the same great experience I had at Tech Trek.

My name is Lillian Bunker, but most people call me Lily.  I am thirteen years old and I go to Notre Dame Academy.  Next year I am going to be a freshman in high school, which I am excited about.  My favorite subject is science and I would like to get better at math.  In seventh grade before Tech Trek I was in Science Olympiad and Student Ambassador but I changed to a new school so I have discontinued that.  However, I do hope to restart doing activities like that at my current school.  I did go to Tech Trek last summer and I was in Microbiology.  If I could describe myself in three words they woudl be funny, hardworking, and open-minded.  Finally, I would really like to experience this camp again to help the campers have fun and learn, but also learn something new about myself.

Greetings, Tech Trekkers!  My name is Emma Grisdale and I’m super excited to come back, not only as a student, but a junior counselor this summer!  I am an incoming freshman at Bowling Green High School and my hobbies include soccer, running, and of course S.T.E.M!  I am here to assist you in acy capacity, but more importantly, see to it that you have a rewarding time while here.  Good luck!

My name is Morgan Kohl.  I am currently in tenth grade and taking many accelerated and STEM related classes.  I’m involved in many activities including the swim team, I’m an ambassador for my school, I’m on my county’s Jr. Fairboard, I’m active in 4-H and in the community.  I’m also a certified lifeguard and certified in CPR.  I was also part of the first group who participated in Tech Trek at BGSU.  One year before I came to Tech Trek I was diagnosed with JIA (juvenile idiopathic arthritis) and fibromyalgia.  These chronic illnesses have only propelled me into greater ideas an circumstances.  At Tech Trek I discovered that I becacme increasingly more interested in the medical field.  The vet class we had made me want to learn more about bodily form and structure.  I took this passion and dove into it and now I’m already beginning to take college courses and I am set on the path to become a pediatric immunologist.  Through this field I can work with and help kids who are going through what I already have.  I’m all about inspiration and seeing strong leaders who I can use as a role model and I really want to  be a role model for the bright minds beginning their “trek” into the STEM field.  I’ve hear it said that young minds are malleable which is frightening yet beautiful because this is a time to shape a future, a dream, an idea, into a concrete and reachable goal.  However, a mind at this stage needs to be surrounded by positive stimuli and leaders who can inspire them and create a spark that could honestly change the world.  I want nothing mroe than to show the young minds, wide eyes, and wild imaginations the amazing things that this world has from the tiniest organisms to sending a man to the moon.  This younger geneation has so much potential and we need new ideas and problem solvers at an ever exceeding rate and if I could help create the atmosphere needed to help someone begin an idea then positive and monumental changes can begin.  The opportunity to be able to help out with the Tech Trek is thrilling and I really hope that I am able to be a junior counselor and help with the camp that gave me the dream for my future career.  My passion lies within working with young teens and I would love to have this opportunity.